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Company locates Spring city-Jinan, is one of brands of Jinan Ge Laogong Liquor co.LLC, which is center on liquor sales and was founded on September 19, 2014 by Internet crowdfunding, company obey principle that without distribution system and directly convery from Baijiu distillery to consumers.

Devote ourselves to make consumers use the most inexpensive price to drink all real and secure Baijiu. According to concepts of association of the Internet, crowdfunding, private customization, we push out Baijiu of 100 percent all real materials, that brewing with pure grain and solid state fermentation products of [Kao Shang\"system.

Be reliable drink superior.

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Shan Dong Kao Shang wine industry Co.,Ltd

Address: Shandong Jinan Road Yangguang,Jinan,Shandong

Contact Person: Song Xinyu



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